Sunday, December 27, 2009

I am really looking forward to 2010

Wow, I really have been neglecting this blog. I have thought about posting several times. There are many reasons but to be honest its just been a hard couple months and I really dont want this to be a place for negativity or complaining:) I am really, really looking forward to a new year and have high hopes that it will be a great year.

One thing I have learned and is something that I plan to be a big part of my new year is paying it forward. I have been so blessed and have learned what true friendship is. This is not a judgement, just an observation, but I have had some wonderful things done for me. I really have learned what friendship truly is. People that have came forward and been there for me from people I didnt expect. Others I have know for years and would have thought would always be around have bailed. I think they just dont know what to do or say. But I promise to never forget and pay their kindness forward in their honor. In these times sometimes just a phone call to say Hi and that you are thinking of someone is all it takes to make someones day. I hope to remember that each and every day of this new year.

I have had one situation that is really the hardest thing I am dealing with. With still being unemployed it gets harder and harder to pay the rent. I always have the option of putting my things in storage and staying with friends or family, but that would be me and not include my cats. Well meaning people dont think I have any choice but to get rid of them and do this. They seem to think it should be so easy. So I have really been giving this so much thought. This is something I cant do. You always here how its great to own pets because they love you unconditionally and they are always there for you. The way I see it, thats half the story. The human ego side. lol The other half is YOU get to give them uncoditional love. You can express all kinds of feelings that humans need to. You can tell you cat anything, express love, you can sing Christmas carols to your dog without anyone judging you or rejecting you. My cats have been here for me longer and more loyal than most humans I know. They rely on me and I rely on them, so no matter what it takes, I will solve my problem. I think thats why so many of the people have talked to have such a hard time when they loose their animal friends. Its hard to loose such a loyal friend who knows you better than anyone else.

So with all of that said I am looking forward to 2010. I have a good feeling about this new year. I have so many fresh ideas and ready to get to work. I hope each of you have a very Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year and may peace fill your hearts and homes. (()) gail