Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Has It Really Been Since 2010???

I forgot all about my little blog here.  Boy has life taken a different direction. For the most part for the very best.  I received a sweet email yesterday from a lady saying how much she had enjoyed this blog and wondered how I was doing and how my journey was going?  She found me on Pinterest.  The interesting thing was, just the night before I was on both of my blogs and trying to decide what to do about them.  I have been so busy with life and not paying any attention to them, especially this one.  I even considered deleting this one.  But this Ladys email was one of those "signs" I find everyday.  I have missed blogging.  I am not sure why.  It guess it just journaling the journey, writing life all out, looking back and seeing how far you have come.

As I said, things have changed.  One day I was reading a book and for some reason felt compelled to turn the TV on.  There was a special on PBS on how far hip replacement surgeries had come.  So much more they could do now.  I was born pre mature and was actually in a body cast for a year as an infant. I had hip dysplacia very bad and was lucky I could walk.  The cast treatment worked for many years I was normal.  I was never a graceful ballerina, but I did just fine.  In my forties my right hip just broke down.  I was in very bad pain always.  I was literally walking on a broken bone, but technology had not developed enough to help me.  But,,,, after watching this special I decided to visit my Dr, tell her what I saw and she was happy to refer me to a Surgeon.  I had the surgery and it was a huge success.  Because of the severity of my situation my recovery was longer, about a full year.  Its been two years ago this month and I feel great.  This was life changing for me.

Through a very good friend I was recommended for a temp job during tax season at a small CPA firm.  I loved it so much.  I would have never imagined that, but it was really more about the offices family atmosphere and a great boss.  I was currently working as a call center for Target and HATED it. (Sorry Target, but I did)  One day I walked into work and just told my supervisor I was putting in my two week notice. I was either taking a flying leap or a suicide jump, but I had to leave. I really had no idea that my temp job would become permanent, but it did and its the first time in my life I love going to work every day.

I guess I initially started writing this blog to find ways of staying positive while living with a disability.  Deep down I almost feel guilty that I was so lucky to get "fixed".  When I seen people in wheelchairs or struggling to walk I just hope so hard that someone someday can help them too. The bittersweet part is things have changed so much that there is very little time to create.  I miss sewing and designing so much at times.  I have a busy summer coming up.  I am moving to a new part of town.  The office I work at is buying a new building and we are moving the same month I am moving my apartment.  But when the dust settles I will have a new studio set up and ready to create.  I hope to find lots more inspiration to share here as well.

"Sometimes, instead of running from something scarey in your life, its easier to learn not to be scared of it.  Let it stay, pull up a chair, share some eggnog..... Besides your bigger and you have wings".  (unknown)