Saturday, January 16, 2010

Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood :)

While I know much of the country is very cold, and even buried in snow, this is the time in the desert Southwest to finally enjoy some beautiful weather. As I am sitting here at 8am its 55 degrees outside and will be 70-ish later. The birds are singing in the trees outside my window and seem quite happy. The cats are sitting in the window watching them. I think they would be happier if they could get out at the birds, but you cant make everyone happy I guess! I love this time of year. Its very short too. But there is nothing better to clear your head or for your state of mind and even good health than to sit out in the fresh air in the quiet and just breath and relax. So, this is a short post to wish you a beautiful saturday, fresh air and good health...... I am on my way outsit to sit for abit.

Have a pretty day,,,,gail