Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hello :)

Its been so long since I have posted here! I love the idea of this blog and I need to commit to some time to make it the blog I originally wanted. A place for ideas and inspiration for people living and coping with disabilities. I do have some very good news, I got a great new job. I work for Target in their corporate offices. Its been very challenging to learn everything that I have had to learn. So much more than I ever thought. But it is coming together now very well. I am very happy and the sense of relief in my life is nothing short of a miracle. The timing was amazing. Everything fell into place beautifully. I started my training the Monday after I came back from my vacation from Cape Cod. As soon as I started I saw on the news that the government could not come to an agreement on funding the emergency unemployment benefits, so I would have not had that anymore after the 20th of june. I cant even stand to think about where I would be now had I not got this job. Target is a wonderful company to work for.

Now, I am learning to make friends with my cane! I just hate using it and rarely did, but its not an option now. I work in a large building. I have to use it with my left hand, I am left handed and now I feel like I am always one hand short. I feel like about 50 years older than I am and its just frustrating.

I was on google looking for some decorative canes. I think I need a pink one. But then again does that draw more attention to myself??? I guess if you have to use one, it might as well be with some attitude! lol I found nothing really. Some very pretty, elegant ones for men. I may have to give this some thought. Maybe come up with my own designs. Might be something new to design. :) Like I need another project. But I will keep you all posted. Have a very pretty day and I will be back after searching for new and inspirational ideas to share.