Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dont Miss Opportunities :)

It is so easy to fall back into bad habits. Isnt It? One thing I have struggled with for the most part of my life is feeling guilty about being who I am. Or doing what I want. I also know that I am not by any means the only woman out there with this issue. It's always more acceptable to put children, spouses,parents and jobs first. Sometimes you really have to. But not all of the time. This is one of the great advantages of growing older. Things change and you appear to become wiser. ( It appears to myself I am anyway. lol) At the very least you can prioritize better and it least recognize when you are not being true to yourself. But I sure can fall back into old beliefs and habits very quickly. I am speaking for myself here, I am single, both of my daughters have families of their own now and sadly my parents have passed on. So the way I see it, now is my time. I have worked very hard my whole life, raised kids, took care of ailing parents, been divorced, health issues, job lay offs etc. This list is alot longer, but I dont have to tell you how it is. You also know how it is. But the ironic thing here is the tables have turned. Other well meaning people now think they know whats best for me and I find myself feeling very guilty and doing things I dont want to do, all because someone else thinks its for the best. Somehow they all know whats better for me and my current circumstances. They appear to think I dont have a thread of common sense or the fact that I handled all of the above mentioned circumstances in my life without any help from them. OK, I am beginning to rant here. lol Thats not the purpose of this post. I am thinking outloud and I am making a declaration, here in writing to be OK with my descisions. I am smart and intelligent and want to make the most of my life experiences. I hope that you are too. Its a cliche, but so true, this is not a dress rehearsal. I have many things I still want to do, I have places I want to go and with my dissability issues who know how long I will have to take advantage of all of these wonderful opportunities. I dont want to be sitting in that rocking chair on the porch some day in the future looking back on my life and regretting missed opportunities. So, I say with the most respect to my loved ones and friends, thank you for everything you do for me, thank you for being there and most of all thank you for understanding I can make the right descions for me.

Have a great week, spring is coming. Dont miss any opportunies coming your way and have lots of fun!